Frequently asked questions

What is Minibeats?

Minibeats is a first-of-its-kind free "Musical Camera" recording app for iPhone that allows users to play music with AR instruments through motion tracking. The Minibeats app combines music creation, AR technology, and social media integration, offering users an innovative and immersive multimedia experience.

Who is Minibeats? Where did this come from?

Minibeats is a spinoff brand of Artiphon – the Nashville-based tech startup known for its award-winning Orba and INSTRUMENT 1 smart musical instruments. Backed by Warner Music Group and other industry leaders, the Minibeats team previously released Scan Band on Snapchat, which became the #1 Lens at the Snap Partner Summit in 2021, as well as Orbacam for iOS, the first app that lets you create music directly in videos.

How does Minibeats utilize AR technology to create a musical experience?

Minibeats uses AR technology powered by Snapchat's CameraKit to track users' movements and emotions, transforming them into musical interactions. Users can make music by dancing, drawing with AR instruments, or even by smiling and frowning, as the app detects their emotions and matches the music accordingly.

What is Minibeats' connection to Snapchat?

Minibeats is powered by Snapchat's CameraKit, which provides the advanced AR capabilities that enable users to create music with motion tracking.


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