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Minibeats is the first AR music app that lets you play the world like an instrument and create musical videos instantly.

Developed in partnership with Snap, Inc., Minibeats allows users to create interactive music videos with reactive VFX just by waving your hand, dancing, or tapping the screen. It’s a musical drawing app that anyone can play immediately.


Get your groove on with Discopop, a full-body AR lens that mirrors your moves with a mesmerizing green aura.


Who says you can't control the weather? Let your sunny disposition brighten the day or unleash a storm with a single frown!


Ascend to heavenly heights with our AR lens, Harp!

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The Minibeats app follows a line of artist and brand Lens experiences that Minibeats has already launched, demonstrating enormous versatility and creative possibilities.

Below is a look at some of our recent collaborations that show the enormous versatility and creative possibilities of AR Music.

Reach out if you've got an idea for a lens you want to bring to (augmented) reality.
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Booker T.
& the M.G.'s

Shed some layers and become an onion as you groove to Booker T. and the M.G.'s classic hit "Green Onions"

LP Giobbi

Create and explore a psychedelic world with LP Giobbi’s track “Body Breathe.”

San Holo

Immerse yourself in San Holo’s single
All The Highs” with interactive AR body gestures.


Decorate yourself with Musical Tattoos as you create your own version of “LOSER,” the new single from KILLBOY (Atlantic Records).


Turn your room into a playable version of Taetro’s beat-making loft, complete with Musical Objects that rattle off parts of his song. 

Alice Glass

Enter the shadows with Alice Glass and use AR gestures like waving your hand and opening your mouth to trigger phrases from her new single, "Lips Apart.”

Phil Good

Open your hand and wear a Musical Mask that sings Phil Good’s chorus to “Crying, Dancing”


Minibeats is launching first on Snapchat with a set of Lenses that let you play your own versions of artist songs paired with vibrant AR effects. Minibeats gives music lovers a new way to express themselves in radically approachable, highly visualized, and instantly shareable ways.


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